An Introduction to 3D Slots

An Introduction to 3D Slots

If you’ve ever played games on an online casino then there is every chance that you have encountered some 3D slots. These games offer players the chance to spin the reels and uncover some cash prizes. If you’ve never played slots before then this will be the guide for you. If you’ve never played slots before then think about classic fruit machines that you would play in an airport or pub. 3D slots are like online virtual fruit machines and you can play these on almost every modern online casino so we thought we would come up with some tips and tricks for new players.

Playing 3D Slots for the First Time

Slots have been adapted to be the perfect game to play online and they can be played both for fun and for real money. 3D slots, specifically, are modern versions of these games and you will find that thousands of these games now exist online with so many different themes and bonuses available. You don’t have to break the bank to play online slots and you can win big prizes if you’re lucky so how exactly can you get started playing these games?
Choosing an online casino should be your first stop and then you can begin to look at the range of slots that exist online. Most modern online casinos will allow you to claim some bonus cash that can be spent on 3D slots. Now you can begin to look at some of the games available. The key is to try out a few games to find which you like the most. 3D slots come in many shapes and sizes with almost every theme of game imaginable but how exactly do you play these games?

How to Play 3D slots

3D slots are usually structured with two key components which are reels and paylines. The most common 3D slots have 5 reels and any number of paylines. With 3D slots, there are many ways to win and this is defined by the number of paylines on the game. For example, if there are 25 paylines available then there are 25 individual ways to win. The more paylines, the more chances there are to win on the game. With 3D slots paylines vary massively and some games will have as little as 5 and some games will even have more than a thousand ways to win.
Once you have found a game with a good range of paylines you can begin to look at some of the additional features that are offered. The base gameplay can net you standard cash wins but the bonus features offered (if any) can be the key to winning big. Bonus features are often activated by special bonus symbols. The two most popular symbols on 3D slots would be the wild symbol and the scatter symbol. These two symbols are common in most 3D slots so look out for them as they can help you win big by triggering various bonuses.

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