How Long Is A New Casino Actually ‘New’ For?

How Long Is A New Casino Actually ‘New’ For?


Review sites and casino promotions are always trying to get you as hyped up as possible about new casinos and they have a fair reason to. New casinos are often where you’re going to find the freshest games and best promotions – but people rarely stop to ask the question: how long are new casinos actually ‘new’? That’s what we’re setting out to establish in this post.

The kind of people who use the term ‘new casino’ tend to be pretty liberal with the term, often citing casinos as new for anything up to a year. We, however, prefer to be more precise about these kinds of things, which is why we’re going to run through some actual markers that might help you better decide when the cut-off point for a casino being new is. Which of these markers of ‘newness’ do you think holds most weight?


A New Casino Is New For A Month

First up, we’re going to talk about one of the more obvious ways to decide the newness of a casino – looking at its actual, chronological age. Now, this is a little arbitrary, but we think the best frame of time to call a casino new in would be a month and we’ll tell you why.

On average, there’s usually somewhere between five and 10 new casinos of note launching each month, which is just about how many any player could get round to investigating. Moreover, if you get behind on keeping track of new casino releases after a month, you may as well give up and start over with the next month’s new releases.

We reckon a month’s worth of new casinos is about all you need and when the end of the month rolls round, you either stick with the shiny new casino you’ve discovered or move on to find a fresh batch. You might think that a month is too randomly chosen a time frame to be choosing to use here, so in that case you have two options: either suggest a better time frame in which casinos are ‘new’ for or pick from one of the other markers of newness we suggest below.


A New Casino Is New Until You’ve Played All Its Games

Online Casino GamesA new casino should feel fresh and a big part of a casino feeling fresh is it featuring a decent selection of games that you’ve never played before. That’s why our second suggestion is the marker of a new casino is one that is full of slots and casino game titles that you’ve never tried out before. Think about it: if you’ve played all the games at a given casino, can it really be considered ‘new’? Sure, you might not have visited the URL before, but a tired old selection of games is surely a marker of a casino with an old soul.

Now, the hole in the idea of using game freshness as a marker for whether a casino is still ‘new’ is obvious. Any half decent, self-respecting casino regularly updates its roster regularly. There’s literally no point going to play at a casino if it’s just going to offer you the same games over and over without ever adding a few new ones.

If you’re a sensible player, you’ll only ever sign up to play at new casino if and only if it promises to regularly update the selection of games it offers with newly released titles. If your chosen casino isn’t doing this, then there’s literally no point playing there.


A New Casino Is New Until It Changes Its Promotions

Online Casino BonusesOne of the key features of a new casino is big and bold new promotions. Often casinos will offer exorbitant welcome bonuses when they first start operating, which they later change, often making them less generous when they’ve got going.

This means that one of the best ways to tell when a new casino has got to a point where it’s comfortably chugging along is to check out whether they’ve downgraded their promotions yet. If they had a fantastic initial bonus, but it’s now questionable at best, you know you’ve got a casino which isn’t quite new anymore.

The awkward thing about seeing if a new casino has downgraded its promotions yet is pretty clear also. Some casino just start how they intend to go on and offer promotions from the outset which they intend to offer for ever more. So, if you’re waiting for these casinos to change their promotions for the worse, you might actually be waiting an awfully long time. Nah, it seems promotions is probably the most tenuous indicator of casino ‘newness.’ How about we take one last stab at this.


A New Casino Is New Until You’ve Played There

top 5 online casinosThat’s right — a new casino can be around for as long as it want, have whatever games it wants, change its promotions as many times as it wants. Yet you’ll still be able to consider it new, all the way up until you’ve actually played there yourself.

Anything that you haven’t experienced, despite how old it actually is, is still new to you, so why would casinos be any different? As long as you’ve yet to explore what it has to offer, you can consider a casino new. We reckon this is the best definition for what keeps a new casino new.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with us that it’s whether you’ve played there that makes a casino new or do you think we’re more on the money with the games idea? Perhaps you actually think it’s a set amount of time or believe the promotions argument actually holds some weight. Or maybe you have a whole new idea of your own, in which case we’d love for you to share it with us! And next time someone tries to sell on you a ‘new’ casino, maybe you can spend a minute actually asking what they mean by that.

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